Ophélie Gabus

In June of 2003 I graduated in Scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara (MS) and as a Scenoghrapher I began working on various projects specializing in the paper-made realization of the Maschera Teatrale. Gradually my work evolved towards what soon became my strongest passion: Photography.

Beside attending class of the biennial course of Photography at the Academy I attended numerous internships where I could perfected my technique, working as an assistant photographer. These experiences allow me to explore the different aspects and branches of Photography (from Industrial Photography to Reportage, from Portraits to Theatrical Scenes Photography) and to elaborate my personal vision of reality.

I also try faithfully exalt the smallest things, to give back their dignity and strength, always seeking the images poetry and soul. I love black and white and analogic photography but with the digital system I also realize precise and colourful images.

During the years, I attended and still do numerous competitions and shows. I have obtained commission payments for various photographic works (portraits, openings of shows, sport competitions, catalogues for artists, hotels and corporations).

I am presently working for Advertisement and Graphic Studios, Theatres, Artists, Art Galleries and individuals. I also teach History and Technique of Traditional Photography at high school.